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Lonie McMichael is an activist, author, speaker and instructor who focuses on the rhetoric surrounding fat in American society. In other words, Dr. McMichael looks at how we talk about fat and why that matters. Her first book is now available from Pearlsong Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. See the Bookshelf page for more on Lonie's books.


Dr. McMichael is an effective and engaging speaker. She speaks on fat and health, Health At Every Size, fat prejudice, fat and rhetoric, the intersection on spirituality and body acceptance as well as the power of online community.


When Lonie decided to write a fat positive dissertation, she made the choice to become a fat activist. What exactly is a fat activist? Well, there is no clear definition of the term. However, a fat activist does have certain characteristics.
A fat activist does NOT:

A fat activist does:

"I do what I do – making the case for HAES in the face of almost overwhelming opposition – because it’s the right thing to do, regardless of outcome." ~Linda Bacon cx


Lonie has been teaching professional and technical writing at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs since the summer of 2011. Previously, she had taught technical writing for seven years at Texas Tech University. With over a decade of experience as a technical writer in high tech companies, Dr. McMichael brings both scholarship and industry knowledge to the classroom.

At this time, Lonie primarily teaches engineers to write. She also teaches classes in UCCS’s Professional and Technical Writing Program such as Tools for Technical Writers, Writing in the Health Care Field, and Writing for Publication.